Air Sealing

PART L2 of the Building Regulations (Conservation of fuel and power) has been amended with effect from 1st April 2006 and now includes a test for Air Leakage. Buildings requiring compliance to part L2 with a gross floor area of greater than 500m2 will require an air leakage test carried out in accordance with ATTMA technical standard 1 (2006) and must be shown to leak no more than 10m3/hr/m2 @ 50Pa or less than the figure given in your SAPS calculations.

Despite the legal requirement, an energy efficient building has many advantages, both financially and environmentally. You can Lower your heating bills. Saving you money. You have an Improved working environment and thus increased productivity, and you can Contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and help preserve the planet for the next generation.

We are able to carry out the air sealing prior to the air test and are also able to provide operatives to attend on the day of the test so that should the building fail its air leakage test we are able to act immediately and in some cases enable the building to be re-tested and certified in the same day.