Fire Stopping

Building regulations stipulate that buildings should be built with fire compartments so that should a fire occur it is controlled and held within the compartment to prevent it spreading to other areas of the building. This enables active fire protection systems such as sprinklers and also the fire service to control and extinguish the fire before it endangers the occupants of the building or spreads further.

The lack or poor installation of fire stopping seals can have a devastating affect on lives of many as well as destroying assets and businesses.

Octagon employ a team of fully trained, experienced and certified installers to ensure that all of our fire stopping seals are installed in accordance with material manufacturers tested, approved and certified details. We will only every install compliant tested and proven solutions and we are members of the FIRAS third party accreditation scheme operated by Warrington Fire.

Warringtonfire’s FIRAS scheme for installers has been instrumental in improving the installation and maintenance standards of passive and active fire protection products and systems.

FIRAS is the mark of endorsement of competency in the installation of products and systems, vital for achieving the protection required.

FIRAS is a voluntary, third party certification scheme for installation contractors of both passive and active fire protection systems, operated by Warringtonfire and accredited by UKAS to BS EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012.

All seals installed by Octagon have full traceability and are recorded and marked onto drawings to show the location of each seal. We are also able to offer an electronic tagging service using the BORIS Firetronic software. If you choose to use this service, all seals will be photographed and logged electronically on our cloud based servers. Once you are issued with a project login you will be able to view each seal in detail to see what was used to seal the opening, the fire rating and the location within the building. If you are interested in utilising this service please mention it at enquiry stage.